Monday, October 24, 2011

Make-over Monday

I have many new posts for you guys coming up! 
I hope everyone's weekend went well... Mine was very busy...

Hence: Saturday.

I took one of my beautiful sisters in Christ... and made her beautiful in a different way...

Step 1: Get a hair cut

Step 2: Go out to eat because the hair cut took 2 hours...

Step 3: Go thrifting for a new outfit (more like 10)

Step 4: Curl the weave (jk it's real)

Step 5: Paint the face

Step 6: Be a supermodel


  1. Gorgeous! Nice work Honey! -Ivonne :)

  2. So beautiful!! - Stephanie (the other one)

  3. This is an amazing post! What a great makeover. She is so beautiful! Just found your blog from Suze's, and it looks like we have the same passion for modest, Godly style! COOL! Check out my blog, too:

  4. Hey Natalie! Thank u so much for the compliment! I love doing the make overs :) I checked out your blog and LOVE IT! You and I are definitly way too simliar... I am adding you to my blog roll... NOW! :) We should link up our blogs :)