Saturday, December 24, 2011

New and Exciting Things

Merry Christmas Eve to all my readers!

I want to apologize for I have been working on my blog but I am doing a lot of background work and am trying to make this blog better than before. My perfectionism is killing me. I hate the inconsistency.

Okay a few announcements:

1) It's link up time! Here is how it's going to work... You comment or e-mail me and we will swap buttons up until New Year's. It's that easy and a win-win situation.

2) I am still in the process of re-designing the blog and playing with photos.
Please bear with me.

3) Can you say "Give-a-way"--- Yes, it's so close I can smell it. Details soon.

I hope you are having a lovely Christmas Eve.

Lets reflect on what today/tomorrow is about. Our God became flesh so we would no longer wonder what His character was like and so we could be reconciled with Him because He loves us so much.

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