Friday, July 20, 2012

I Got The Travel Bug

So as most of you know, I took a week vacation the other week... From blogging and from Dallas.

Our church had a World Discipleship Conference in San Antonio and it was so amazing. My first conference ever and I'm so glad it got to be a world one.

There were brothers and sisters from literally every corner (I know the world is round... just roll with me here) of the Earth. 

Literally as soon as we got out the car in San Antonio a few of us girl went to go babysit 5 little ones. Let me say how awesome the parents are and just spending 30 minutes with the parents made me take a mental note of who I want go to for Biblical Parenting advice and Biblical Marriage advice (God willing... lol). 

I am very much an observer and (not the best thing in the world) but I notice a lot of things most people don't and one thing I saw with their marriage is just how they work together, how loving each other is to one another, and how they parent on the same page. 

The rest of the conference was amazing. Theme for me to take home.... FAITH.

I'm still studying faith out, sounds silly, but sometimes you need to go back to the basics. I will do a post soon about what God is showing me about faith but I definitely need to grow in my faith about what God can do and who God says He really is and to believe it and never doubt.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Here are some photo's from the trip. Enjoy!

We left to drive to San Antonio at 4AM... Needless to say we were all tired.

I was passenger so I could keep the driver awake and got to see the sunrise.

Claire, her husband, and little Baby B :)

Fourth of July Show at Hemisphere Park.

Late night at Denny's.

Silly faces at Denny's. 

Meet our new Campus Ministers and Dating couple! Bahaha. They are very encouraging.

Sisters! I was trying to channel Selena.

Ended the trip flying to Florida for my cousins wedding.... So long <3

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  1. Oh my goodness, isn't "The Host" just a wonderful book!?

    Looks like you had a fabulous time. And I love the Selena inspired look. :)