Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Real "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

Alright... Get your Baklava and Bouzouki out... It's "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" time.

Last weekend I went to Tampa, Florida to see my cousin and honestly one of my closets friends get married. I was honored to be one of her bridesmaids, it was only my second time as one.

Seeing Christina get married was pretty surreal. I remember us growing up together, going on Easter egg hunts as kids, chasing ducks around, getting into mischief together when we were little, going through the high school years together, spending hours upon hours on the phone, dating the wrong guys and talking about them, pulling one of the best pranks ever (wouldn't do it again though...) 

I remember when we were in high school and we were acting so crazy on the phone one time I told her "Watch.... even when we get married we're going to be the same psycho's" and then at the rehearsal dinner I thought of that time again and I just laughed (and almost cried) because it was so true... Here we were pretending to be in Lady Gaga's music video at the rehearsal dinner and in less than 24 hours she was going to be a wife. It was almost like playing dress up.

Well, without further delay, here is a real life Big Fat Greek Wedding (and yes, it was just like the movie... She married an Ian Miller equivalent with the same family. lol)

I'll be explaining traditions as I go along...

The bride has a big gathering at her house (without the groom) before going to the church. With a full band playing traditional Greek music. Then there are traditions that take place. This particular one with the red scarf: You make the shape of a cross three times and then you wrap it around her waist three times, symbolizing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Giving my dad a BIG smile.

My second cousin who ushered me down the isle. Forgive the sweat stains.... Those churches don't play.

My cousin Kathy and the brides sister.

Bridesmaids and Flower Girl.

It's so Greek.


My cousin, my sister, and me at the rehearsal dinner.

Greek Dancing.

My dad and sister dancing.

My dad and I dancing.

Cupid Shuffle with my auntie.

Little Julia was the star of the night.

I don't know why, but I love this shot of the Bride and her mom.

My sister, my mom, and I.

Blessing the Bride.

Again... The red scarf thing.


Dancing with their sheets I believe for their bed.

Dance party before the ceremony.

Me dancing with their sheets. We have to go around the table 3 times again.

The groom seeing his bride.

Christina's sister getting emotional as she see's her baby sister walk down the isle.

This is the part of the ceremony where the bride and groom take their first steps as husband and wife. We had to walk around the table 3 times.... again. Father Son Holy Spirit.

This is my favorite tradition. I want this at my wedding. These crowns which in Greek are called "Estephania" (Stephanie... my name means crowned), symbolize the bride and groom as being King and Queen of their household. They are joined in union by the ribbon and they cris/cross them on their heads 3 times for the Trinity. 


Walking into the ceremony!

Dance time!


Being silly with my cousin.

All the single ladies...

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  1. Girrrrl. I love it! I love all the traditions and the roots to God's relationship with himself. AND GREEK DANCING. My favorite part of celebrating your birthday with your family. :)

    Can I tell you I adore that there's a dance party with the bride before the ceremony? I want that at my wedding. ;)