Monday, October 8, 2012

Everybody Needs A Stay-Cation

Good Morning Loves!

This weekend I got to have a little "Stay-Cation" which was much needed. I highly recommend to anyone who is feeling stuck in a rut to go and take a little "mini" vacation. Go to the next town or somewhere about an hour away and get a little hotel and just be.

We drove literally to the middle of no where to this beautiful camp, surrounded by trees and a dirt road (which had me hyperventilating at first) but I really came to enjoy the nature and the cold weather (Thank the Lord). 

The reason we all went out to the middle of no where was for a campus retreat.

It was amazing. The theme of the retreat was Fresh and being fresh means being free in Christ. We sang awesome worship songs, had great lessons, Bible studies, free time with girls that I don't get to spend time with, midnight Wally World trips, a Baptism, lots of fun dancing and acting silly.

God has been working in my life in crazy ways and honestly scary at times but prayers honestly have been answered because I have asked God to take me outside my comfort zone and He's doing it in ways I didn't necessarily want but I guess thats the point. 

How is God working in yalls lives? I wanna know so I can pray for you all and encourage you.

See you all tomorrow!

Bone Fire making smores <3 p="p">

Now THIS is my kind of camping.... lol

 Sharing for Steve's Baptism 

My view... I loved the fire pit.

 Carmel Apple Spice was much needed in the 50 degree weather

My loves around the bone fire

 Not a bad smore...

Scripture I read during the weekend that really encouraged me

We went thrift shopping afterwards and I found this creepy doll. :/

 I love this married couple. They are fab and hilarious. Ebony is a pre med student and is so sweet!

Had a lovely lunch on Sunday at La Madeline. I can't get enough of the Tomato Basil soup.

Meet my new baby Pax. He is the cutest and literally feels like a baby when you hold him.

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  1. My hubs and I go on mini trips with my two boys all the time. We love that it frees us from internet and we normally go to Chattanooga and walk up down the streets talking and just being. It normally leads to a trip to the Kids Discovery museum but we love it. I use to have a doll just like that but purple when I was little...really creepy.