Monday, February 18, 2013

The Power Of Vulnerability

This weekend was quite lovely.

I got to do a little shopping, spend time with old family friends, and have over a very dear friend and sister from the church to spend the night.

It was so nice just to serve her and make some things from her Pinterest account that I thought we would both enjoy.

We stayed up until 3AM talking about everything.

I think the highlight of the night was this short 20 minute video she showed me. 
It's a TED talk and I think it's very biblical and powerful.

Many times I believe that my openness equals to vulnerability and that's just not the case.
I am also the person that has a hard time giving compassion unto others, because I don't believe I'm worthy of compassion myself. This is a big hinderance to my relationship with God that I battle through each day.

I've been tricked into believing the false humility of "I'm not worthy of such mercy"; however, if God died a gruesome death for me and has continuously pursued me and wanted to create me to lavish His love on me, then He has deemed me worthy. 

He has acted in such a way, where even though it doesn't make sense, to Him we are worthy and we need to start believing these things so we can truly love other people. Believing that you're worthy is not prideful (as long as you have the right heart about it), because God created us we are worthy. We had nothing to do with our worthiness so it comes back around to a full circle ending... back to God.

Enjoy the video and enjoy your Monday!

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