Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bow Ties & Pasta Go Good Together

This past weekend the inner foodie in me came out. Let's just say my mouth had a little too much fun partying these past few days.  

I started out on Friday by cooking a simple pasta found on the Food Network. Unfortunately because it was the end of the week I was scatter brained and forgot some steps in the recipe and added my own ingredients (and took out a few-- Who likes anchovies? Ehhh not a fav.). 

 There wasn't really a sauce so when all else fails.... Add a balsamic vinaigrette dressing on top. It goes with any veggie and keeps it fresh and tasty.

On Saturday it was off to one of Dallas's favorite Mexican Restaurants Monicas for a friends Birthday. Right in the heart of Deep Elum, I felt the Latin flare as soon as I walked in the restaurant... The food was perfection. I've never been one for fine dining (Hey waiter?... Where's the rest of my food?) , so when I can go to a restaurant that can cook authentic food and present it in a way where I wont feel bad when I eat it because I ruined the presentation... I am GAME.

 My mind told me to go for the salad... But who pays attention to that thing? I went with my heart instead and ordered these bad boys, Brisket Taco's with Black Beans, Mexican Rice, and a Cilantro Sauce on the side. 

The long weekend was ended with a wonderful girls lunch/shopping trip in Dallas. For lunch, Whole Foods was on the menu. I can't remember how long it had been since I had eaten outside, heck, even thought of going outside. The weather was so amazingly perfect, I was so happy to eat out of my little cardboard box, feel the breeze in my face, and have girl talk with good friends. Unfortunately I was having such a good time, I forgot to take pictures of the outing (all the more excuse to do it again ladies). 

I did take a picture though with another special friend, Jessica from this weekend when we embarrassed ourselves doing karaoke. You're looking at part of the new members of TLC, T-Boz and Chili right here ya'll. 

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