Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spring into Fall

As fall is approaching quickly, my wardrobe and I are in an awkward stage in our relationship. The stage where it's not hot enough to be wearing what I wore all summer but not cold enough to bust out the scarves and hats (that part of the year couldn't get here soon enough). September is always that "black sheep" kinda month to me. It's not really fall yet but it's not really summer anymore either. The color palette is kind of unknown too, which makes it that much more difficult to decide what to wear in the morning. 

I decided to give myself some inspiration and do a "Spring into Fall" kind of inspiration board. Every item that is seen is under $50 and you can buy anything that catches your eye online.

 These are the looks I came up with. They still incorporate elements of summer and fall together. Basically if summer and fall were to have a baby, it would be September and it would dress like this.....

Fall in Love

Don t Ask Amanda shirt dress
$40 -

Old Navy boat neck shirt
$18 -

J Crew linen shirt
$35 -

Crochet vest
$25 -

Dorothy Perkins pink skirt
£28 -

Forever21 lace up boots
$36 -

Blue platform pumps
$37 -

Dorothy Perkins pink boots
£23 -

Billabong pocket wallet
$26 -

Leather bag
£28 -

Beading jewelry
$45 -

Betsey Johnson post earrings
$50 -

Chain bracelet
$37 -

Pieces slimmer belt
$11 -

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