Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This weekend I had the honor to see one of my sisters in Christ marry her prince that she patiently waited for God to hand deliver.
Not only did I get to go to the wedding I was behind the scenes getting to see the bride get ready and I also had the pleasure of doing the groom's sister and mother's make-up and hair (PS I am DEF not a professional in that area). 
As we were in the bridal suite I thought about how happy God must be to see two people that He put together who were patient, remained pure, and kept their love for God while He worked to put them to this point of marriage... Holy Matrimony.

I remember when I was once in the world. Dating was so casual, so normal. Even though I never dated casually, I definitely kept guys on the side and had them there for attention, stringing them along thinking they would get a chance with me one day. Breaking hearts and getting hearts broken is definitely not God's plan for His children.
I hear so much now-a-days "Well I'm dating around to get a good sample... See what's out there... See what I like." I read something once that said "That doesn't make you smart, that just makes you used up." Even though it's a harsh statement I can say that it is not far from the truth, even if it just used up emotionally. Because what usually happens girls, we meet a guy while we're "testing it out" and then we end up liking him, something usually goes wrong, and we're heart broken.... again.

If you want to know what you like as far as in a male, you have the best example in the best Book.... Jesus. Your husband should (within reality... we're still human) have Jesus's qualities and character traits and strive each day to live like Him. 
His ultimate goal should be: To get you into Heaven. 
She was beautiful. It was so nice to see a white dress worn with the meaning attached to it.

I was guilty before (and I still must check my heart constantly) of putting human love over God's love. It is so easy to idolize a relationship, especially with the opposite sex. But here is the thing, you're not married in Heaven. The only person you are married to in Heaven is Jesus Christ, so why would I invest everything I have in a relationship (or at least at the expense of my relationship with my Heavenly Father) that no matter how hard I try, won't exist in Heaven. 

Why wouldn't I put all my heart and soul in my eternal marriage, with the perfect husband, Jesus?

Ladies, marriage is beautiful, it is good, and is a gift from God, He created it and He delights in it, but while we single ladies are waiting for our prince, we need to make sure that if we want God's best, we have to be God's best. Focus on your relationship with God, and when the timing is perfect, God will drop off your Prince, just like He did with my sister in Christ. 

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  1. What an amazing Woman you have become! Awesome advice and definate wisdom.