Friday, September 9, 2011

"I only go for the Cotton Candy and BBQ..."

.... Spoken like a true Texan. My first baseball game was my freshman year of college. My dad grew me up to be a football/basketball kind of girl (even though I never played a sport in my life). I remember my mom dressing me up in the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit when I was little and going to the games. Mavericks games were such a fun time as well with my family. Being loud, eating food, and watching the game live right in front of you was such an awesome bonding experience with my family. 

When I went to my first baseball game it was perfect. A flying ball landed right by my feet (which the lady next to me stole.... still bitter about that lady! jk), got to watch the fireworks at the top of the stadium, and had the most amazing BBQ sandwich and cotton candy (obsession by the way). I fell in love. 

(^^Baseball-Stealer-Lady next to me^^)
Baseball is such an American past time and it makes me feel right in the heart of America. It is very unlike me by the way to talk about sports, because I don't watch them, but I think regardless of where you go, if you are with people you love and enjoy then you will be bound to make memories. 

I'm really excited because this weekend I will be going to my third baseball game and my tummy has been deprived of some good BBQ and SUGAR! Maybe this time I will actually pay attention to the game.... 

What are some of yall's (can you tell I'm from Texas?...) favorite past times or favorite sporting events/memories?

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