Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion Betties

What's better than friends who both have a common love for fashion.... and Starbucks?! 
Neci is a fellow fashionista and loves to be bold with her outfits.
 I loved her outfit and make up on this day and wanted her to be apart of an outfit post.

I hope these pictures are appreciated. A lot of awkward stares and laughs from other people was a result from taking pictures in the middle of campus. Lol.
Neci likes to pretend to be Nicki Minaj

Two Words... BELT IT!
 The vest is fun to wear... It's like a surprise in the back

How fab is her make up??!!


Toms and Combat Boots go good together
 Starbucks Addict... I am unfortunately to blame...
Abbey Road

PS: Guys I promise by Christmas I will have a legit camera. In the mean time I will be researching for the best/affordable one I can find and get advice from photographer friends :) So bear with me..

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