Friday, September 23, 2011

It's All Greek To Me


Don't worry I didn't loose you, it's just "Hello" in Greek. So for this Flashback Friday we're going back, way back, to Ancient Greek Civilization. Jk. We're just going to the Greek Festival this weekend. Since the Greek Festival is this weekend I figure I would like revisit some memories from the times I was in Cyprus/Greece. 

My family has a home in Cyprus where my grandmother lives and we have been visiting the motherland every other summer since I was 3 or 4. I have so many wonderful memories going back home. 98% of my family still lives there and lets just say it's an expensive and long trip to grandmothers house, but it's worth it.

Weddings, Greek Cookouts at the beach, Coffee on the beach, Seeing my little cousins growing up, Playing backgammon with my grandfather in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, Plus being in the midst of such ancient history is just so surreal. 

I think culture and family is so important to maintain and preserve so here is my little mark down memory lane.
City of Athens

My grandfather and I playing with Photobooth for his first time. He was fascinated. 

Yes, Greeks can be blonde haired and blue-eyed... Actually true Greeks are. 

A little cafe in my mom's village

My grandparents farm up in the mountains

My cousin who got married last summer

My mom and I having dinner at a friends in a quaint cottage in the mountains. 

My cousins wedding... Yes it is acceptable to have 20 little flower girls and uhh flower boys? 

My little angelic cousin

My sister and I hanging on for dear life on my grandfathers motorcycle outside our house. 

A distant relatives wedding... Yes this happens at every wedding and PS the money dance had just gotten started.... Much more was added... PPS: Half the Greek weddings I've gone too, I have no idea who these family members are... But none the less, we're related. 

Yup, he's Greek too, don't let the red hair fool you. We're going parasailing. 

Me as a flower girl in my aunts wedding as we all walk to the Church

OPA! My grandfather and my uncle Greek dancing, one of my favorite photos.

Ohhh those were the good 'ol days, when you could play in a sandbox and not get looked at funny (hence I still do this when I go to the beach lol)... And yes, my mom fed us... We look a little malnourished here. lol


  1. Cuuuute shorts...when i saw that first picture i thought you were a black girl b/c ur hand looks brown lol