Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work That Ponytail... Own That Updo

Hair. Weave. Wigs. Extensions. Tracks.... And the like. Whatever you call your hair ladies, it doesn't matter because we all have to deal with it one time or another. 

Since I have cut my hair (regretfully) I have gotten stuck in a rut with my hair styles and so I went back to old pictures and reminisced on all the ways I was able to wear my hair back in the good 'ol days (4 months ago lol).

To satisfy the beauties with not so much of long-hair-don't-care I added some styles from my recent "change".

Straight Hair & Bangs

Bow Scarf

'Au Natural 

Suki Hair... lol. I love Asians

Half up-half down


Audri Hepburn Bun 

Hair Accessories help when your hair is nappy

Pony tail with a poof

Nappy Pt. II

Ballerina Bun and I cut my friends bangs so I thought they deserved mention since it was my first time doing it. 

Messy half-up, half-down

Ballerina Bun with poof

Scarf Headband 

Short hair updo

Natural Curl

Simple Headband


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