Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mustangs and Hieroglyphic Walls

Wanna see an outfit that was completely thrifted? (Shh. You're looking at it)
Except for the shoes, but Hey! I didn't pay full price, so basically the same thing. 

This outfit is perfect for those days where it's 60 degrees in the morning and by noon its in the low 90's (That's Texas for ya'... can't make up it's mind)

I secretly wanted to fall in... lol

Cuffing your denim while wearing a heel makes the outfit more casual

Gotta have that Starbucks <3

It's all Greek to me! Actually that wouldn't be confusing for me... So never mind.

I stand by strange people's car hoping that the person walking near me doesn't own it...

Bangles, Bracelet, & Cuff... Who says you can't have it all?

My shirt isn't tucked in right... Oops

Let's dance!

Climbing in heels #Winning.

Thank You to the amazing Angie for taking my pictures


  1. Aww lol I was wondering who did all this photography. Angie would be the one -- she secretly wants to be a model. So cute!

  2. Awesome! The letters on the Architecture building's walls are actually English! lol
    Somewhere on the wall it says "Frank Lloyd Write" and things like that. You have to concentrate really hard, though! I love that courtyard :)

  3. Angie did a very good job! and she should be a model! And I did not know those were English characters... they don't look like it at all... I love Frank Lloyd though, he's brilliant.