Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recession-Proof Nails

Just because we're in a recession doesn't mean we can't have the same things, we just have to go about getting them in a different way.

Exhibit A: Mani/Pedi's

I was never one to go to the nail salons. I always thought it was more fun to do my own nails with my mom. I've been a proud nail polish wear-er since the young age of 3. So I've had lots of practice :) 

However if you're low on cash.... and time. Here is a quick manicure you can do to liven up those nails, which let's face it, we look at those suckers probably more than any other body part, so why not keep them pretty?

First file your nails to a square shape or whatever your natural nail shape is.
(PS I have the most kiddish nails... I wish I hand long, thin, feminine nail's with an amazing nail bed but unfortunately my nails look like that of a 7 your old boy)

Put a dab of cuticle oil on your cuticles to pamper yourself and your cuticles a bit (if you have time go ahead and soak your hands in warm water before this step)

Invest in a 4 nail buffer. This has all 4 steps for nail basic care; file, buff, shine, polish. 
You can get one for $5 at Sephora
(Don't fall for the kiosk salesman at the mall like I did, I paid $30 for something just like this... Two weeks later I came across the same $5 one. It was a definite "Shake My Head" moment)

Add a base coat. It really helps keep the color on longer. I use this Sally Hansen one. It helps lengthen and strengthen my "7-Year-Old-Boy-Nails" and it also doubles as a top coat for the last step (savin' money... savin' money)

Now pick out a color from your nail collection, or for me, from your village where your nail polishes live and continue to reproduce. (Sadly many villagers were thrown out this summer... It was getting crowded in there)

I chose my Sally Hansen 10 Day Nail Color. This stuff does not budge and looks exactly like the color of blood (yummy...)

We don't color in the lines... If you have little kid nails, then stick with the theme....
 JOKING. Take a Q Tip and put some in nail polish remover and remove any polish along the edges, whatever doesn't come off, don't worry about it, it will come off when you wash your hands.)

I forgot to take a picture of this step and the product. I got this nail pen below from Forever 21 for $2 in Gold. Make any design you want. I chose a simple line/dot on one nail and a heart on my thumb.

Last step is to spray a nail enamel dryer on your nails. They will dry pretty much instantly, so you don't have to waste time just sitting around for an hour and then more than likely (if you're me) you try and do something and end up messing it all up... and then become depressed. 

Finished in 30 minutes!


  1. I'm so terrible at doing my nails. I always go get them done, but the past month it just hasn't been in the budget. I need to get some enamel spray, because I am the queen of restlessness.

  2. Haha... It takes practice... Usually if I do my nails, I will spend about an hour or so on them... which is why I rarely do them (who has an extra hour in the day anymore?) lol... This was just a quick thing for people or moms :) on the go... I will have much more intricate nail art tutorials soon...

    PS: Thanks for the link! I will have to add your blog on the side on my blog... I'm still trying to figure out that HTML stuff... :/