Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Belle of the Ball

Hello!!! No I have not crawled into a cave (even though I wished I could have to of avoided these past 2 weeks) So many tests, quizes, projects, events, and meetings, and the whole time I was like "Uhhhh no this is not going to work, my blog will not suffer in the midst of my busyness, so I'm coming up with ways to make sure that doesn't happen again"

Anyways, this whole semester God has really answered my prayers in giving me opportunities to serve my sisters with my talents. I really prayed over the summer for God to use me to encourage my sisters with any skills/talents I have acquired throughout the years.

This past Saturday I had the privilege to do my twin aka other Stephanie's hair and make-up for a Distinguished Alumni Gala. A few weeks before I actually went shopping with her and I picked out her dress.

Here is Cinderella

She looked beautiful

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