Monday, October 10, 2011

She wore what?!

Hello ladies (and gents if you're reading)!

So this year I am especially excited for Halloween! I am pretty sure I have my costume picked out (you guys will just have to wait).

A good friend of mine suggested I should do a post about Modest Halloween Costumes, cause we all know that costumes have just gotten out of control. I will humble myself and say I partook in this pattern of "Oh. My. Gosh... how is that even a costume?" tradition for many years... *Shakes Head*....
But Hey! I know better now!

But no worries! There are plenty of ideas out there. 
Here are some that I really liked.
(Michelle Phan and her sister in law Promise are in a lot of these photos because they have some amazing costume/make up transformations)

Geisha-- Wear a Kimono and do some fabulous intense make up with dramatic nails like Michelle's

If you're on a budget. Go to Walmart right now. They have amazing quality masks for $5.  Do some intense make up and wear a long sleek gown if you have one or whatever you want.

Disney Princesses are always fun. This is Sleeping Beauty. You can find cheap wigs at Party Cities or Walmart.



Jasmine! I was her for Halloween when I was a child. Get some blue or purples harem pants and a shirt that matches with poofy selves. You can wear gladiators or unique slippers. Get some gold jewelry and you're good to go! 

Black Swan. This costume may take more time or money. But I think it's beautiful. 

Arabian Princess. Do some cool eyeshadow and find a pretty scarf for cheap. If you have a gold necklace, use it as your head jewelry and then you can wear a dress or some flowy pants/jumper that matches. 

Vampire Bride

Vampire Bride

Or you can be Minnie Mouse... :)

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