Monday, December 19, 2011

21 Going On 12

So I didn't necessarily have the most traditional 21st Birthday, but yet again, I'm not traditional girl myself.

So here is how December 8th, 2011, starting right at 12AM, played out... My hearts desires were definitely fulfilled. 

I was told to dress up as a Princess and bring my Teddy... So I chose my look-a-like Jasmine.

 I got abducted at midnight.

I was so surprised! 

They threw me a tea party on the floor... My dream

They put on a Hello Kitty Movie just for me... I was mesmerized. 

Lots of laughter.

The cute little hostest!

Yummy Treats!

Tea Time!

The perfect setting... I believe it belongs on Pintrest. 

Jasmine. Lol


Hello Kitty Movie

My name tag and tea... It was perfect.

Ate all my treats... 2AM... Time to sleep

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