Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Twenty-One Years Young

Wow.... I can't believe I made it to 21.

(First Picture Outside The Womb)
This is a milestone (and no, not because I can drink) but because as I look back to see all the things God has put in my life, all the things He carried me through, I couldn't be more confident that this is exactly where He wants me to be. A daughter who is completely in love with her Father. 

(First Picture In The Womb)

To be honest, I didn't see myself making it to 21. With how I was living before, I was sure my life (if I still had one) would be drastically different from the one today.

(Sweet 16)

Spending 21 years on Earth is no cake walk, but man it's beautiful. I get to experience God and His full Creation and Glory. I get to love. I get to be loved. I get to sing. I get to dance. Even though this Earth is not my home, God still was loving and amazing enough give us little tastes of Heaven here on Earth. I can't wait till the real deal.

(17th Birthday Party)

I love when people ask "Do you feel wiser?" "Do you feel older?" and you know, I don't have the answers to those questions. I feel like me. I have my wise moments and my foolish ones. I have my childish tendencies (most of the time hehe) and I have my "grown folk" moments. 

(20th Birthday)

I could never define myself or my life in a few words. I have lived my experiences out the way no one else has. My memories, experiences, and life lessons are my own and no one will know them the way God and I do, because He gave them to me. All so I could find Him. 

(20th Birthday)

I have ZERO regrets in life and my only piece of advice is to see the beauty in it all. Even the ugly stuff. Without the ugly, I could never understand nor appreciate the beauty in life. From the moments where  my mascara was running down my face from so many tears to the moments where I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt, it's all worth it. Life is worth it and I am so glad God wanted me here to experience it.

If you would have asked me a year ago how I was going to spend my 21st, it would have been another bottle popping and club hopping kind of night.

(21st Birthday)

But this year.... this year it was different and it was AMAZING. 

Amazing friends and family, food, a cake that's too heavy for my mom to carry, greek dancing, and plenty of laughing.


  1. Happy Birthday! I don't know you in person but I love your blog! It is hard for me to believe how wise you are in the little time you have been a disciple but it is inspiring. Have a very special memorable day sis!

    Adelyn (El Paso, TX Church)

  2. STEPHANIE! I love you and I love your blog and that I get to be around your amazing self. This post makes me happy. I'm glad that God decided where he wanted you was in the vicinity of where he wanted me because you are definitely a slice of my heaven on earth. I'm so happy I got to celebrate your birthday (twice!) with you. I love, love, love you hermanita. :)