Thursday, December 29, 2011

Which girl will you be on New Years?

So the New Year is right around the corner. To help some of my readers out I created three outfit looks for 3 different styles.

Lets bring in 2012 with our best outfit yet!

Bring in 2012 with this Monochromatic Outfit. It doesn't always have to be about the sparkle. Liven it up with a dramatic eye and you've got yourself an outfit for tha' books.

This is for the girl who is laid back, doesn't like too much fuss, and probably is an animal lover (okay I'm making that up, but you know who you are... lol. I love the animals too).

And finally this frilly dress paired with a structured blazer and some semi flat boots is the perfect outfit. Comfortable enough to dance it, sparkly enough to feel like it's the New Year, and yet an element of surprise so it's not overtly feminine. 

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