Thursday, January 5, 2012

90's Gap At Its Finest

 So the other morning, an awesome brother from Church wanted to get coffee and pray... at 8AM. 
(Amen, it was worth it though)

Let's just say I knew it was going to be a nappy kind of day.

I got this XL Gap Dress at a thrift store, and vowed to never wear it in public and only to wear it around the house or when I was studying. Well I broke that vow.

Many times, I purposely buy XL sizes, especially at thrift stores, because they always make for great big dresses or mu-mu's (which, ask any girl into fashion by the way and she will tell you her favorite outfit is leggings and a big shirt.

Depending on the dress will depend on if I "Belt It" or not. This one however needed to be belted, so much so, that you can't even see the belt because there is so much fabric.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is an original, 90's Gap Mu-Mu/Dress and my rendition of the best way it could be worn.

{Dress-Gap, Thrifted}
{Grey Undershirt-Hollister}
{Denim Jacket-Thrifted, cut off the sleeve to make it a vest}
{Belt-My mothers closet}
{Shoes-Big T Bazzar. I shop in the hood often}
{Ice Cream Cone Earrings-Forever 21}


  1. Cute outfit. I never thought about buying a bigger size but great tip.

  2. Thank u so much! Yes, buying bigger always helps... well usually :)

  3. Werrrrk it, sister! I, too, like to buy shirts/shirt dresses an extra size larger. They do well layered up, tucked in, half in/half out.

    I'm sure prayer was amazing, right?!