Monday, February 27, 2012

We shined in Dallas

This weekend was exceptionally amazing.

On Saturday I had the privilege of attending Ashley and Casey's Shine Event.

God could not have put it together more beautifully. If the weather were anymore perfect, it could have been heaven. The sun was shinning and as I was walking from where I parked, I had a great little prayer with God.

As soon as I pulled up, I was greeted by Casey with a big hug. Her studio was so warm and full of life.

As I proceeded to the back I saw a big circle of women (And some men... thanks guys), who were exceptionally stylish, chatting away while making blankets.

I met a wonderful mother who came with her daughter to the event. She was teaching everyone how to make the fleece blankets. I also met another lady who was a nurse at Scottish Rite Hospital. Everyone was so sweet and so giving.

I then proceeded outside to make my blanket, I thought it would have been sin if I didn't spend more time outside.

I sat indian style outside with a few other ladies, including Casey and other bloggers. One whom I met, named Sarah from Yes, Teacher Crafts! Her and I had great conversations about everything; blogging, school, motherhood, marriage, etc. She was such a joyful spirit and I was so grateful that we had gotten to meet.

As I was sitting outside, I looked around and thought about how great God was. Here I was on a beautiful Saturday, doing a good deed with a group of people who had such similar interests and likes as mine, right in the heart of Dallas. God definitely fulfilled my hearts desires, it was like I was at home.

I want to thank Ashley, Casey, and her husband Chris for welcoming us all and inviting us to share this special project with you.

Tomorrow's post I will talk about the new project Ashley is launching! It's awesome guys! It's so refreshing to be around people who want to continuously serve others.

Here are some photo's of the event! Enjoy!

"A Little Artsy"

Sarah and myself (PS: Headscarfs are a great way to hide dirty hair... last minute.... lol)

The girls working away

The cutest little heart shaped pizza that next stores Pizzeria made for us. Thanks guys!

Ashley and Pizza <3

Candid... I look like an angry pirate. lol

Casey, Me, and Ashley <3 <3

Hope to see you all again soon!

PS: From prayer and some great blogger advice... I will be back to posting every Monday-Friday... I love blogging too much to do it any other way... Thanks Sarah!


  1. It was so great to meet you Stephanie! Glad you had as much fun as I did :D

  2. Sounds like it was a blast! I can wait for the shine project to come to Utah!!! (:

  3. I wish I could have gone but I live in LA. It seems like everyone had a great time. You have the cutest blog :)

    1. Thanks so much Daisy!! It was a great time... Sorry you couldn't make it! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. the event looks like SO much fun! so very jealous that you got to meet casey! love her!
    xo TJ

    1. Wish you could have been there! Yes Casey is a sweetheart.... xoxoxo