Monday, March 19, 2012

What I do on Spring Break's

So here is my Spring Break in Instagram Photos...

I hope you all had a lovely break. 

Spent time with God by a little river I randomly drove by and decided to stop to spend a moment with God.
 Went to a Mavericks game, where I saw Khloe Kardashian cheering on her man Lamar.
 Had Korean BBQ for my first time ever... It was delicious.
 Stared out my sun roof while waiting for my Starbucks
 Did not want to walk out of my office because it smelled like Grapefruits and Vanilla... Divine. 
 Purchased some new shoes. Not what I was looking for, but that why I love them all the more. I can't stop wearing them!
 Went to Hibachi for a friends 21st Birthday.
 Found a new lipstick that Im obsessed with. My lips will bathe in this color for Spring 2012.
 Made some new furry friends. I can't wait till I have a bunny.
 Caught up on my calories... hehe. I am a Cotton Candy addict.

 Let my skin breathe and had a movie day with myself and God.
 Stumbled upon a life time supply of Hello Kitty. 
 Had an "Alice in Wonderland" Sleepover. 
 Coffee and Desserts with an old friend is always welcomed. 

 Frozen yogurt and tea with another old friend is never passed up either...
 Went to Asian Market with these lovely girls. 
 Started making bracelets for Invisible Children-- More info coming soon.
 Purchased a new iPhone case, mine wasn't cutting it. According to my father this is a "Kardashian" phone cover aka "Booshie". Haha. 
Made a delicious Rigatoni Pasta Salad and homemade Pesto Sauce.

 Stared at the large and orange pumpkins at Asian Market. I wish it was still fall :/

Went to work for 3-4 days.

....And finally broke in my Hello Kitty Aviators and had some Aloe Vera Peach Water.

What did you all do over your break?!

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