Thursday, March 15, 2012

Writers Block...

.....So I revert to the pretty things on Pinterest.

Next year I am moving into an apartment for the first time and I am super excited about re-designing my whole bedroom and designing the living room with my roommate/best friend.

Here are some things off Pinterest that I pulled for inspiration for my bedroom. 

Think of Etherial, Meets Hipster, Meets Disney, Meets Christmas Lights, Meets Eclectic, Meets Non Stop Tea Party, Meets I want my bed to look like a cloud... You get the point. lol

The End.


  1. I really like that bed of reclaimed doors that is on wheels! (I also have one of those yellow/gray pillows). Awesome post!

    1. Thank u! it reminded me of you while I was pulling pictures!

  2. I like the second half of them! and yea second hand stuff is a way to revamp your weardrobe in an inexpensive way- it also tests our creative skills because we have to match and search... i think the environment we shop in makes a big difference in what we buy and how we view the clothes so it's great that you are really good at it!

    God bless