Monday, April 9, 2012

God Is Good... All The Time

Photo Taken by me 

Hello World! I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mine was pretty eventful.

1) Got my teeth cleaned
2) Went shopping with my mom
3) Went to Chipotle with my parents (I've gotten them addicted now too. It's so funny)
4) Jumped on the Bandwagon and saw the Hunger Games
5) Clean, Clean, Clean.. Organize... Clean.
6) Easter Service-- Worshiping an amazing God
7) Toke a much needed 3 hour nap laying next to my window listening to the most beautiful rain and thunder
8) Had lots of Starbucks... What's new...

But today's post is about a little but life awakening moment I had with God during a coffee date together... I take Him to Starbucks often :)

I was outside sitting on the freshly rained on patio of Starbucks. The air still smelled that rain, the breeze was crisp, and the sky was that beautiful calm cloudiness with hints of cream, blue, and gold.

"Just as each day brims with your beauty, my mouth brims with praise." Ps 71:8

I don't remember what prompted me to it, but I started to think about all the sin in the World... how many trillion people are on this planet, and how that equates to a lot of sin... between the righteous and unrighteous... it's there.. God see's it.. God know's it... God hears it...

And yet despite all of the hurt I'm sure He experiences when we sin... He still gives us good gifts. I don't think I truly understood what "undeserved" meant until today. Here I am on the patio, drinking my favorite drink, and enjoying this beautiful masterpiece of a sky God created... All for our enjoyment and to show us His beauty. 

In a human mind, you would think that that much betrayal done to you would cause you to create a dark world with no beauty or wonder, no enjoyment... But God cannot help His character... He just can't help who He is. 
So I won't try to change it, or let my mind think otherwise. 

So i'll rest in His goodness.

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  1. Beautiful post! It's good to rest in His goodness :)