Monday, April 2, 2012

A Sunshine Weekend

Happy Monday!

I know it's a little late in the day.... Yall know how Monday's are. 
Actually, I stayed up until 3AM last night completing a lot of deadlines, and an 8AM class to follow... Not a good idea my friends.

Highlight of the weekend: The death and rebirth of my Mac.... Yes, I got the dreaded blue screen... It was the weirdest moment. All of a sudden, my Mac aka Piper died. I waited.... and waited... and waited... and then finally it resurrected itself, as if I had just bought it from the Apple store.. All my settings renewed, files washed away, and my desktop was definitely not my Alice in Wonderland picture I had anymore.

The crazy part is, is that I didn't even care... All my pictures, files, music, videos, were gone.... But I did not feel a sense of panic or my life is over feeling... It's amazing when these kind of things happen, it just shows where your heart lies, or what is more important to you. Granted, facebook helped in keeping those pictures saved... So that helped :)

I have actually recovered most of the files, but I needed to deleted a lot of junk... ew.

Because of this little mishap, I decided to get a Pinterest as well. It serves as a back up for me, even though I am getting an external hard drive for the important junk. lol

Besides a "new" Mac... Here is my weekend according to my iPhone.

Tried the newest menu item at La Madeline. I got there often since it's right by my work. The Apple, Brie, and Ham Sandwhich was my fav!

Lots of iced coffee's...

Sunday Night Dinner...

This is my dear friend Wendy... We spent all day together Sunday and it was of course, accompanied by Starbucks... twice.

A much needed pedicure after a long day at work... 

My bestie... who makes me take a Sabbath. So I take them with her :)

We got our nails done together, played the lottery, lost the lottery, got yummy Cheesecake Factory Take Out and watched a movie and talked until 3AM where I then fell asleep to the Twilight Movie Score and her journaling to God <3

Some more La Madeline love... Strawberries Romanoff 

Lots of driving and pretty clouds

Even more Starbucks...

A moment with Wendy and God by my new favorite place

That's all gals and gals.

How was your weekend?!

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