Thursday, May 24, 2012

Matching Maxi's

Alright guys... Sorry for the few day gap...Last time I tried uploading pictures.... It said I reached my limit?? Or I needed to pay a certain amount? I don't know, but it looked legit to me.... I didn't pay anything or do anything.... I just didn't post for a few days, and now it's letting me post them, so I'm not sure :/

If anyone knows what I'm talking about... Let me know.

Okay, back to fashion... So this is a continuation of the last post.

It was such a surprise when we saw each other and we were both wearing long cotton maxi's.

I just bought this one from XXI and I am in LOVE. 

I am just wanting to live in long maxi's and jumpers this summer.... So that's what I'll do :)

PS: Please excuse the nappy hair... I had literally just washed it...

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