Friday, May 25, 2012

Its Summer! Now What?

Each time school is on break; Winter, Spring, and Summer, I always make a list of things I want to do while school is out. It helps me stay organized, disciplined, and not waste away a big chunk of time just sitting in front of the computer or TV (Especially since I don't watch TV while school is in session... it's tempting to catch up with everything while school is out)

So here is my Summer "To Do" List if you will:

1) Re-finish a piece of furniture...and maybe have a paint splatter fight.. Like in the movies

2) Cook as many recipe's as I can from my Pinterest. Hey! Most are healthy, don't judge..
3) Create an actual...big girl... ON PAPER, budget (Yes... it's long overdue)

4) Start and Finish reading "The Host". I'm a sucker for Sci Fi and mystery... Problem is, I always start reading before bed, I get maybe 2 pages in... and then fall asleep... At this rate, I may not finish it until I graduate. But I will push!

5) Grow and Evolve my blog into something that only God and Prayer can accomplish. I wish to reach as many women (or men...) as possible with the journey God is writing for me. It will require planning, organization, lots of networking, and TONS of patience (which I lack..bummer)... But I have faith it will happen.

6) Finally sell my 3 years worth of college books on Amazon... The bookstore is a conspiracy at my University, let me tell ya. Each year, students pay Loubi's or Louis money for their books... and when it's time to re-sell, you get maybe enough to buy a few tops from Forever 21... So Amazon, make me proud!

7) Take a baking and icing class... They have them at Hobby Lobby and Jo Anne's and I've always wanted to do one.... Hopefully that will accomplish my dream of being a master at Fondant.

8) For once, back up my files on my computer... Especially after they all deleted on me. Lol...

9) Do some more Nail Art and get some extra booshi (Urban Dictionary it...)nails... Yes.. It's happening.

10) Really take loving my neighbor as myself to a whole new level. I'm super convicted after a Quiet Time I had... I will maybe share what it was on tomorrow's post.

11) Make a music video for Jesus... You'll see... 

What are some of your plans for the summer??

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