Thursday, May 31, 2012

My iPhone Captures My Week

So here is the last week in photo's... according to how my iPhone saw it.

I started reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer, which I am so excited about cause this girl doesn't really have time to read unless it's required or unless it's titled "Holy Bible" :) I also love Sci Fi so I'm excited to see when the movie comes out in a year... gives me time to read this bad boy

I saw God a fews times in the clouds :)

Finally reunited with a beautiful friend and sister... We're singing Spice Girls in the car... which FYI she didn't know any songs... sinful... I know

Looked at some eye candy 

Found my night stand hardware from Antrhopology.... Ironically cost 4 times as much as the night stand... which my dad so kindly pointed out. Lol.

Had a good natural bed head kinda hair day.... You cherish those days.

My mom finally came home from Greece! 

Had fun times with the love bugs <3

Used Pixie Sticks or w/e those are as Light Sabers... In the mall.

"Will you accept this rose...?"

Madison torturing me

Found a bird cage for my "Wonderland" Room! Woot $20 Dollah Make Me Hollah!

Finally went to the pool.... after over a year of not going... Got to drink iced coffee and catch up with my best girls.

Relaxing at the pool... and thankful my pedicure is still there :)

Found a magazine to hide behind... (PS I don't buy these things... I found it on the ground)

I saw God again...

Had fruit, Wine or uhhh Arbor Mist, and Cheese while watching Life Time. I have officially passed into the "Womans" club. 

I love small touches... These were sitting on the drive through window at Starbucks when I went to get my morning tea before work.

This is why I was absent yesterday... It was raining almost all day... So I crawled in my parents bed and watched Greys Anatomy....

...And slept

....Aaaaaaand slept some more (obviously these are not pictures of me actually sleeping. lol. I think they're pretty funny)

Then I woke up and fixed myself an Asian Wrap from my Pinterest NOM NOM recipe (Follow Me on the side bar)

And watched Nancy Drew while it was raining. PS: Most unrealistic movie EVER.

Finished the day with War Paint or a Queen Helens Mint Julep Mask.

How has your week been so far?


  1. i absolutely love your brows and your eyeliner ! it suits you so well!
    i went to get more julep mask last week (one of my faves!) but they didnt have it so i had to get this other kind. its pretty much an imposter and doesnt work nearly as good ! u reminded me to get more lol

    also how is that book by the way? i had no clue that it was coming out though i think i mgiht have read a bit of it off of meyers site.

    xoxo mila

    1. Thank you Mila! I've worked hard to get those brows back into shape :)

      I know what you're talking about, about the imposter brand! I had that one too and then I threw it away. CVS and Sally's always has Queen Helens Brand.

      The book is pretty good so far! It's a very interesting concept... it reminds me of SOOOO many things spiritual! I'm on chapter 4 so far... It takes me a while to finish a book... lol. But I'm determined to finish this summer!

  2. I feel so honored to be pictured in this blog post! What a fun night. Love you!

    1. :) Love you! When are we getting coffee and thrifting??

  3. I love this post -- especially the decorating pictures. I'm revamping my room right now :) Is your nightstand Hardware drawer pulls? And where did you find the birdcage? I also love you, Stephanie, and Nikki's bathing suits. Super cute!

    1. Awww thank's Esther!! The hardware are just knobs from Anthropology.. Not pulls. The birdcage is from TJ Maxx.. everything varies everywhere...

      Love u!