Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Treasure Hunt

So I have been on the hunt for a a night stand for my apartment this semester and came across the deal of all deals... $10!!! I am going to re-finish it and do a little DIY so be on the look out for that post!

I went to the thrift store with two friends yesterday and we all struck gold. Here are some of my finds!

PS: Sorry for the bad photo quality.. I didn't realize the ISO was so high.

Night Stand!

Candle Stick Holder... I'm painting this another color as well. 

Waist Belt

Silk floor length skirt that I am loving!

You never know when you'll  need this :)

Silver Tray to put in jewelry... This is before I restored 

Here it is after! Line the entire bottom of the bowl with aluminum foil. Soak the silver in a bigger bowl of bowling hot water (not while the water is bowling, pour the water in a separate bowl) pour in a cup of baking soda and watch the junk melt away...

Any good finds you all have came across lately? 

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