Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A letter to myself

Some words I would like to tell the 18 year old girl in this picture...

You have no idea how much your life is going to change in the next 3 years. You have every right to be as excited as you are. You have worked hard. Aimless nights of studying for material you will probably never use again, but it's okay... Keep your strong work ethic, it's what makes others drawn to you.

Don't be so stressed out about your first year of college... You actually do very well.

Start learning how to do laundry now... because your friends are going to have to do it for you or you will have to take loads upon loads to your mother who has done it for the past 18 years...

You will meet so many people in University. Embrace it... Even if they aren't friends to stay, they are all in God's plan for you. Some friends will surprise you, some will hurt you, and some who you never thought would leave, do leave... But it's okay. Because of God's glorious love and grace you will receive a spiritual family that can never be touched, that you will have for eternity.... So just continue to roll with the punches (I hate that phrase... cause God doesn't punch people, but you get it) that life gives you.

You will be in your first and only relationship. God, even though never intended him for you, will use it for his glory. You will see what kind of man you don't want to be with. God will give you the strength to leave him and never fall for his many attempts to win you over. You were stronger than I ever thought you would be, so props to ya sister.

So second semester of Junior year will be a beating. You will cry.... a lot. Your mother will be gone and you will have to rely on the support and grace of God and of others. Remember that you worked your hardest, and whatever grades you get, it won't matter. You will be in Heaven one day with your brothers and sisters having the best time and worshiping the God you all love and adore.

Steph, you will be so fruitful. God will give you the unworthy and undeserved calling to become a disciple, to change the world, and to be a worker of God's plan to change people's eternity. What a calling...

I know right now all you're thinking about is how much money you're going to make in real estate and how you're going to be "A Boss"... (I chuckle now..) but that will all change... You'll never think it will because that was your heart for so long, but God is SO big and changes all kinds of hearts. 

Your heart will become soft... You will look at others in a way you never have before... With compassion and mercy and just wanting them to come into a relationship with God.. When others don't get it, that will get you frustrated and angry sometimes, but just be patient... You are just the clay, He is the Potter... 

PS: Those eyebrows will change real quick. It will be a painful year of not plucking them, don't touch 'em... It'll be worth it...lol

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  1. i always love these posts of letters to the old us. if only we really could go back in time and know all the things we know now!
    xo TJ