Friday, June 15, 2012

Goodbye Yia Yia

Hello loves,

Sorry for being MIA yesterday... I got the news that my grandmother, who has been having a lot of medical issues passed away yesterday. It's very hard in my family's case, because my parents as well as myself are the very few people in the family that are in the States, the rest of my family is in Cyprus or Greece. 

My mom just came back from Cyprus after being in the hospital with her mom for a month. A few weeks passed and then she died and she decided that she couldn't go back to Cyprus because of her legs. So it was very hard for my mother to not be at the funeral today.

This is a little tribute to my Yia Yia (Grandma).

Yia Yia,

I'll never forget those moments we would drive all through the mountains just to get to your house. You and Papou were so excited to see us. It was so nice (even though we complained about the heat and no air condition) to get away from it all.. No cell phone.. No internet... No TV. Being in the village and living in the house that you've lived in your entire life and that all your children were born in was an amazing experience. The chickens... The fields.. Taking naps on the veranda. I'll never forget it... Every other summer wasn't enough, I wish we could have came more. I always imagained what it would have been like to celebrate a Birthday or a Christmas with you and Papou. Going to so many of my friends Birthday parties and seeing their grandparents there was a bitter sweet moment, because I knew I could never have that.

I'm so happy you got to come to the States once. I know you loved it and you wanted to move here... I guess it wasn't in God's plan. 

I'll never forget your bunny farm. It was the cutest thing. You cared for those bunnies... I know where they all went :/ hehe... but I forgive you. I remember you wanted to put nailpolish on my bunny so I could identify it and I freaked out and was like "NOO!" Lol

I remember whenever my sister and I would get mad at my mom (your daughter) and we would cry that you would get mad at her and comfort us and tell us to not cry.

Anytime we needed anything.... You were so quick to give it to us... sometimes without even asking, you always were looking for ways to serve us. If you saw my mom giving me money to go across the street to the corner store to buy something you would hurry and give me the money and tell me to go buy it and buy anything I wanted.

You were such a funny character. The way you told us your dreams all the time... over.. and over... haha. Even to strangers the first 5 minutes of meeting them. How you would talk to Papou when he would try and be romantic, you would get mad. Haha. I think I know where some of my "Strong-willed nature comes from." 

Yia Yia I love and you will be dearly missed <3


  1. I'm so sorry about your grandma! I know what it feels like to lose a grandparent, it hurts. I will keep you in my prayers. God is the only one that can comfort us in these times of grief.

    1. Thank you Rubi.. He is the only one.. I've watched my mom pray and read His Word a lot these last few days.. and she says it has helped her so much.

  2. My deepest condolescences to hear about your grandmother. she sounds like an awesome woman! I will pray for you and your family.
    xoxo Mila

  3. Grandma's are wonderful and I'm really sorry for your loss. She seems like a beautiful, strong woman that has come to a happy resting place.
    Maria ♥ Avenue M