Monday, June 18, 2012

Big And Small Changes

Back To The Grind :)

It's Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Fathers Day Weekend was very relaxing and lots of time bonding with God.

I wanted to give you all an update that I am working with another blogger (I will keep it a secret until the day of) and we will be starting a movement with other bloggers that I am so excited about!

You all will have a big part of it as well so please keep us in your prayers until we announce the big news soon.

I am also starting a small movement for myself. I have decided that I want to make 1 small goal a week, share it on my blog, and then tell you all about how and why I completed that goal a week later. I will also share a scripture that goes along with each goal to keep me motivated and have my goals rooted in God.

You can follow along with me in doing this. I'm thinking about giving it some kind of name but for now I think this is something that will really help me to be disciplined, grow my faith, and just rely on God to complete each goal, whether it is spiritual, personal, physical, etc.

So for my first goal this week I have decided to buckle down on memorizing more of Hebrews 11. I've been working on that for a few weeks now. So far I've memorized the first three verses.... but I decided I want to memorize through verse 7 by the end of this week. These verses are pretty long but I know with God will help me.

"Your Word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You" -Psalm 119:11

If you want to join along... Leave your goal for this week in the comment section! And enjoy the weekend roundup :)

Buns and Red Lips for work.

Some artwork I found while shopping for my room. I really loved that rose. I've seen a lot of paper rose making on Pinterest, I think I may have to give that a shot.

A snack for the drive home with lots of traffic. This was the best Fro Yo I've ever had. Watermelon Sorbet and Cake Batter. I love Mochi and Gummie bears... It keeps me young :)

Cotton Candy Candle... I'm in heaven.

Cotton Candy sky God painted for me during our time together... He know's how much I love cotton candy.

I had the best prayer and pool time with God. The sky was magnificent. I put on my Pandora piano radio and just drifted, swam, and prayed in the pool all by myself. I'll be doing this 2-3 times a week.

The Country Club for Fathers Day Brunch

The sky on Sunday afternoon.

 The club always has huge turtles and I love watching them.

My delicious omelette, watermelon, and grapefruit juice for Sunday brunch.

The card I gave my dad. It describes our relationship so well. 

My sisters card to my dad.

Happy Fathers Day!

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