Monday, June 4, 2012

Things That Currently Make My Heart Smile

Yup! We're back to Monday... But I am so glad to be back at work.

As I'm sitting my office with my window open, letting the fresh breeze come in and smelling the sweet smell of my Sweet Pear Lily Candle... I was stumped on what to share with you all today.

So I thought I would share the things that currently make me happy...

My "Regular" from Starbucks... Apple Bran Muffins should get a Nobel Prize.

Fro Yo... Who doesn't love loads of gummy worms and sprinkles. Not to mention Red Mango's Hibiscus Tea... Or something like that. lol

My parents are on the right... and my spiritual parents are on the left... Both mean so much to me and I am really praying for these four to become best friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep my parents in your prayers <3

This love bug bunny... I just can't get over how adorable this Holland Lop is. This was the day I became determined to own a Holland Lop bunny next year.

I'm not one to dwell on being in relationships... But this puts things in perspective even in general...

Pink Balloons and Glitter!!! Wooo hoo!

Basking in the sun... I'm so pale and I can't tan... I'm beginning to think I'm a vampire...

Long hair and pretty bows <3

I have the Alice in Wonderland Book from the Collectors Collection... But I plan on snatching up the rest of these three and saving it for hopefully "A future little princess"if that's in God's plan... knowing God and how he works, I'll probably get the manliest of men if I have children... 

London... My top 5 places in the world and it holds my #1 place in the world... Regents Park. I'm dying to go there NOW!

This will be sitting on my perfume tray pretty soon... The price tag ain't too nice though :/

Whoever thought of pairing tulle and blazers is brilliant. 



I see this in my near future...

I wish the weather was nice enough now to bring all my books outside and sit under a tree and read... I'll just live vicariously through this picture.

Where is this!? And I wonder how the people living in those gorgeous apartments feel about looking outside and being hit by an umbrella. 

Cotton Candy all day every day!

New York... Hopefully I'll be working there next year... If they'll have me :)

Dah Babeh's  and Angie!

Turban Headbands... My drank.. and Heart Shaped Sunglasses (RIP) it's summer time!

Making vision boards with this lovely lady <3 

So grateful for my job.

Claire misses Wendy... and Bobba tea.

My little family.... Until I get a bunny.

Loving my play time wedges.... These are the comfiest shoes I own... Don't let the height fool you. I could run a marathon in these things...

What are some things that are making you happy??


  1. i love the turban look on u!
    also, could you do a post about vision boards?

    1. Thanks for your request Mila! I will most certainly do a post this week or next week :)

  2. Oh the bunny is so big haha :D But it is the cutest things <3 I have a mini bunny at home.