Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cokes & A Chevy

Guess who's so ready for the weekend? *Raises Hand* This girl! Not like I should be worn out, we only had a 4 day week, in which one of my classes was cancelled, but I'm still excited to get lunch with the girls, catch up on some reading, and lay around a bit.

This past weekend I went to the thrift store with a friend and everything was 50% off... Talk about Labor Day Sale SCORE! I bought quite a few things and only spent $16! 
*Que Happy Dance... or as in the South we call it "The Dougie"*

I have been on the hunt for some acid wash denim overalls for over 6 to 7 months now. The overalls I would find were either not impressive, too short, or not the right color. But alas! I found the perfect pair for less than $2 the other day. They are a large so they're huge on me (which I LOVE), but so they aren't so long, I just roll up the shorts.

The other day it was 105 Degrees, so lets just say these little babies came in handy... With a Suki Bun and a cold Classic Coke, you're equipped to melt slowly in the heat.

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