Thursday, September 6, 2012

Will You Be My Girlfriend?

This past weekend was filled with answered prayers. One being this story below.

Nikki is one of my best friends. She reached out to me about 2 years ago and has been a huge part of my life ever since. As I was seeking God, Nikki made a point to take me to lunch one day and was telling me the story of her testimony. I think what impacted me the most was that she became a Disciple and then her ex boyfriend became a Disciple... and not only that they were both still faithful.. and not only that, they weren't together. 

I was like "What!? How can this be?! You both decided to make Jesus Lord so why aren't you all together?"

Her answer convicted me... "If God wants it to happen, He'll make it happen, I just am focusing on God, and I'm content with whatever happens."

Well about a year later, maybe longer, God made it happen.

I have watched both Nikki and Zach and I know their testimonies. Both heavy in the World and now both heavy in the Lord. It's an amazing testimony to what God can do, and that He is a good and perfect Father and will give us the desire's of our heart if we desire in Him, which end up becoming His desires.

Nikki and Zach had a stage of building. Having quiet times together, prayer times, and have built a solid foundation with God in the middle of it all.
On Monday morning, Zach asked Nikki to go on a run (something they love to do together) and at the end of the run there was a little surprise....

I feel so blessed to have witnessed this whole process and watch both Nikki and Zach grow. They are going to be such a great example of a pure, fun, loving, and giving couple. I love you both!