Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Backwoods Weekend


So this past weekend was a little different.

Usually my Saturdays I work from 10-6, but I took off work so I could go to Diana, TX 
(3 hours from where I live) with some friends. David's family lives in Diana and lives on a beautiful piece of property in a log house with trees everywhere and a perfect pond to complete the setting.

I am definitely not one who has much experience out in the country but it was so nice to get away and to literally be forced not to use my phone since this area didn't get service.

The day started with BBQ Brisket Sandwhiches from a little hole in the wall place.

Then the fun came aka skeet shooting. It's not my first time skeet shooting but I don't have much expierence with a 12 guage... let's just say the kick back is a lot different from a 20 
(points to bruise on arm)

After a while of goofing around and laughing we got to ride four wheelers through the country side. It was probably my favorite part. I have never been on a four wheeler and all we saw were hills and pine tree farms, animals.
It was golden hour so the sun was perfect (which distracted me from my face that was freezing off)

I also had the opportunity to make so delicious homemade fudge with David's mother. The recipe will come in a later post.

We ended the day with a beautiful dinner of baked potatoes,chicken, and pork chops.

How was your weekend?

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  1. This looks so great! I want a getaway- more like a "run away from school-away" >.< hehehe. I wish it still looked like this here! All the trees are dead here...except the evergreens. :p

    God bless,