Thursday, October 25, 2012


Just wanted to share with you what my iPhone has had to say these past couple of weeks.

At the top of the Ferris Wheel with the view of my city.

Big bows are a current obsession.

My new baby... Pax.

Burgundy hair... It's most vibrant when the morning sun hits it.

Awkward driving pic through my steering wheel. 

Chasing The Sun. Pic was edited on my new app.

Waking up to rain drops on the window is wonderful.

Wendy and Claire unite! These little babies are the funniest.

My wonderful and beautiful sisters! I can't wait to share with you all these photos 

I found a horse.... Don't ask how. Lets just say I had some trust issues....

 Fully stocked fridge: Pinterest Raspberry Cold Oatmeal, Hard Apple Cider, Greek Yogurt, Berries, Spring Mix, Cookie Dough, and Mom's Left Overs.

Convicting Scripture that prompted me to make things right with certain people.
 I've been meditating on this one for the past two weeks.

Ginger Man Cookies and Autumn Flavored Tea. 

Loving my thrifted long black dress and new iPhone case.

After a traumatizing day at the doctor (don't ask... I literally turn into a 5 year old girl as soon as I step into anyone's office that practices medicine.) my mom treated me to brunch at Le Peep. These Fall Harvest Crepes and potatoes fed the soul... Along with answered prayers the next day. Refuge in God is much better than refuge in food or shopping (Another thing God has been working on in my heart).

Meet Winter Pax Guacamole-Evans (if it's a boy)
Meet Pax Guacamole-Evans (if it's a girl)

It's so stinkin' tiny we don't know yet and he/she hasn't gone to the vet. This is my God Child and I love it!

I finally put on eye shadow for once.

Loving a silk harem pant and black stilettos. It's like wearing PJ's with my favorite shoes.

Have this on repeat... It encourages my soul and speaks so much truth about God.

My first time ever going to the ballet! So I decided BBQ was in order for celebration. 
We saw Peer Gynt at Bass Performance Hall in Ft. Worth. It was truly lovely.

Love this picture of us

Ferris Wheel Memories

This was a frozen chocolate banana with sprinkles. I'm still wondering why this is only sold at the fair; it's far too delicious.

A real life "My Little Pony". Apparently miniature horses make good pets and comfort people.
 I'm adding it to my list of future pets. No, seriously.

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  1. All that food is making me hungry and I just ate. Those gingerbread cookies are some of my favs! What type of autumn tea do you have there? I love tea and are always looking for new ones!