Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pray With Your Eyes Open

Hello there,
Can we just have a vent session? It's been super hard to be consistent with my blog the past few weeks. I've been lacking motivation, struggling with writers block, and down right too tired to get all pretty and take outfit shots and yada yada... You know how it is...
I want to share something though with you all that God has really showed to me latley. So I lack faith a lot... in some things more than others, but I still none the less need to grow in this area. Anyways, because of my lack of faith, I felt my prayers had been lacking faith and substance.... Like I knew God heard my prayers, I just didn't know if He cared to do anything about it... Kinda like, His will is His will, regardless if I pray or not, His will is going to happen, so why bother? Yeahhh not the best outlook on prayer life.

Well I think I lacked faith in prayers because I had been praying with my eyes closed... and no, I'm not talking about in a physical sense.... but in a spiritual sense.

I had realized after praying one day and thinking about all the things I have been praying for that God has answered so many already, and in such great detail and I hadn't even noticed.... I had still been praying for things that had already been answered, like a fool.

Kinda like, if you ask someone to do a back flip for you and you turn your back to them when the do it and then turn back around and ask them to do a back flip again, and they tell you "But I just did... why didn't you watch?" Well yeah, I've been doing that with my prayer life... over and over...

It's important to pray and surrender.... watch God work, pay attention, and be alert. I know I'm probably not the only one out there who has had this happen before.

I wanted to share that with you today with hope that it encourages you and causes you to really think about the answered prayers in your life... Remebering daily how God has heard and taken care of you.

You are loved <3 div="div">



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  2. Your blog post caught my attention because the name of my blog is Faith and Substance. (faithandsubstance@blogspot.com).

    Anyway, I love what you said here about keeping your eyes open. So often I lose my focus, my connection to God and it is simply because my eyes and mind are someplace else. Thank you for the reminder. I look forward to reading more of your work and being inspired!