Monday, October 22, 2012

Better Late Than Never.... State Fair Edition

 If your tractor doesn't have 80" rims, you're not talking about 'nothin.

The lovely Dallas skyline.

I went for the "Sweet" and "Chola" look.

 About to fall of the tractor.

 It was Stephanie's first time at the fair but she's a native Texan.

 Both of our first Ferris Wheel ride. Let's just say we hadn't even gotten off the ground and I was terrified.

 Lies. This is when I was terrified...

....And then I calmed down.

 Fun House Fun!

 Stephanie having fun in the Fun House and no I am not talking in the 3rd person, Stephanie is my roommate, best friend, sister in Christ with the same name. Yaya for same-named best friends!

 I've heard some say we look alike.... I'm hoping the younger Cher because the 60 year old Cher would be a little insulting *raises forehead to see if my face can still move*

 These little babies were amazing.

 It was like a hand held "Brisket Pot Pie/Hot Pocket.... 
A lifetime supply would be an understatement.

And we ended the night off with a minature pony which I have added to the list of animals I want: 
Holland Lop Bunny, Flamingo (I found out were illegal to keep as pets, but I'm sure I can adopt one somewhere), Sea Horses, a White Teacup Persian Cat, and a Mame Shiba Inu.

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  1. I love you! That is all. You are the best roomate I could have ever prayed for! Thank you so much for all that you do for me and thank you for just being my sister and best friend!