Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Is Officially Here

Sorry guys there was no posting yesterday! I had a Business Statistics test. Which I got an A on. Amen. Because yesterday was, well, not going my way. I think God is really trying to pound it through me that His grace should be enough.

Anywho. Since it is officially October I decided I would take you guys on an exclusive look at our "Halloween-Decked-Out-Dorm"

It doesn't take a lot to transform your space to be ready for fall and the holidays. Most of the items shown are from the dollar spot at Target.

I'm a sucker for "Gel Stickers" on the mirror. It's the kid that will never leave me 
(I had Hello Kitty ones on my mirror at home, until my mom said people wouldn't want to work with a real estate agent who put Hello Kitty gel stickers on her mirror at the age of 20... Sad day.)

Halloween Bells that hang center above our TV

Glittered Skull and "Haunted" sign are the first things you see when you walk through the door.

A side table with a glittered black tree and an old family craft from Halloween 

What ideas or things do you decorate with during October?

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