Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pretty Princess meets Goth Princess

As most of you know by now, I love to mix frilly with edgy. I bought these pink shorts from Zara over the summer. I had been eyeing them as soon as they hit the rack and they were way over priced (aren't most things?) 
Well I got lucky and found them on sale over the summer, a few days before I went back to school which was the first day I broke my fast... God was lookin' out and rewarded my patience I guess. I was a happy girl :)

That belt has got to be the second time I have worn it and I've had it since high school.

Well here is how it all came together....

PS: Please excuse the pictures from inside my dorm room... I was desperate and had to take my own photos for this post... 

Studded belt with corduroy pink shorts 

A crisp collared white top pulls the outfit together

Of course... My favs.. Combat boots edge it up

Straight hair and a bold brow

The shorts were long and comfy plus PINK!

This is my "Monday" Face

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