Friday, October 7, 2011

"She's my rib"

Instead of Flashback Friday... I thought I would switch it up and have "Fast Forward Friday".

Some lovely friends and I went shopping yesterday and I decided it would be fun to try on wedding dresses. I've recently become a sucker for weddings. 

My first American wedding that I attended was this year. I have been attending or have been in only Greek weddings all my life. Because Greek weddings are so traditional, it becomes about the tradition and not the love between two people, so the American wedding was very refreshing for me to witness. I love it!

As I was trying on wedding dresses it put a lot into perspective. How good God is that He doesn't want us going through life without a partner and an encourager. It also made me realize for the first time that my role as a woman is not burdensome but is so lovely. 

I used to desire only the things of the world. 
My life goal: Be the female Donald Trump and own as much real estate as I could. 

If some guy were to come a long, they would have to adjust to my schedule and they would have to let me wear the pants. I wouldn't have it any other way. Kids was not something I was really into. I thought about only adopting one and probably end up having some nanny raise it.

I cringe at those thoughts now. I look at being a wife and a mother one day and my heart gets happy. The thought of being a stay at home mom to me before was something detestable that I looked down upon. 

"Stay at home moms are such a waste to society... Get off your butts and go work" were my thoughts.

I was raised with a stay at home mom, but because the relationship between my parents wasn't Christ like, I had this bitterness to submission and motherhood. I felt sorry for my mom that she didn't have a life of her own and took all these orders from my dad. I vowed I would never be like that and honestly I still do.

People here submission and they think of a door mat. I realized that the submission I saw at my home was not the kind God had in mind and that I should never idolize my husband or my kids, that God should always be #1 in my heart, and I should never "not have a life". I should be filled with good deeds, expand God's Kingdom and continue to make disciples, and of course be a loving mother and wife and do my best to model Jesus in that role.

Until my day comes, I just have to patiently wait for God to bring me the man who's rib he took to make me. 

Oh! And for the Ladies who love their lipgloss... I've got a treat for you (Thanks Amanda)

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