Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day In Three Ways

Happy Turkey Eve!

November always creeps up on us and before we know it, it seems like every weekend we have some holiday event we have to go to. It can be overwhelming to think about all the outfit planning we have to do. But wait! Don't go and buy anything new.... Let's promise together...

(Raises Hand)
"I ___(insert name here)_____, pinky promise to not give into consumerism and all the pretty window displays at Nordstrom and Forever 21. I will recycle the beautiful pieces in my closet and pretend I am in a new store while deciding on what to wear for the gajillion holiday things I have to go to" 

Good job. Now that we've got that covered here are some ways to re use your best pieces by making your outfit brand new again...

1) Pick out your favorite piece in your closet and pair it with something you normally wouldn't before. You know we are all guilty of thinking that that blazer only goes with those jeans. Negative. Try it with a dress or skirt. Whatever it is, by putting it with something new you will make the original piece look brand new!

2) I am guilty of this too, but many times we can fall into a hair-do rut. Try changing up your hair styles for the different dinners or parties you are going too. It doesn't have to be hard. Add that headband that you bought and never wear (guilty...too many times), or add a few small braids and gather your hair in a ponytail, or do a beautiful ballerina bun and add a pretty pin to secure it. This will instantly give your different outfits, even if you have worn it exactly the same before, an entirely different look. 

3) Accessories make the difference. Take off that watch or ring that you wear everyday and put on that bracelet that still has the tag on it and ROCK IT! A bag, scarf, or jewelry that isn't worn too often will make you feel like your outfit is brand new. 

Here are a few ideas that I came up with for Turkey Day tomorrow. Whether you're going casual or dressy you can always remain comfy and remember, if you don't feel comfortable in the outfit, don't wear it. Your attitude in the outfit is the most important thing. If you're not feeling it, chances are no one else will...

Remember, your smile is your best accessory. 


  1. love this! i don't typically dress up for Thanksgiving festivities. i usually opt for my comfy sweats and a plain t-shirt to utilize the most about of food in my stomach. this year i might actually give dressing up a try. adore!
    xo TJ

  2. Im so encouraged that you're going to dress up! Thank u for the sweet words... ur blog is adorable! we should link up :)