Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If I could turn back time....

So basically, be prepared that if you have long black hair and wear a headband over your forehead, people will refer to you as Cher.

Hey guys! I hope you all caught my last post for why I was gone for a few weeks. Please bear with me for life has pilled a lot on my plate, but this blog is dear to me and so are my readers so I want to honor God with what He gave me and continue to post, even if it means some lack of sleep.

This is a very easy outfit I wore the other day. I was wanting to be comfy and simple but with a hint of style (hence the headband). 

I wore black jeans with a black long sleeve V-Neck and my thrift store find denim jacket, which I also wore here

I really want to highlight the accessories in this post. I don't like to wear too much, but 3 specific pieces mean a lot to me. 

The necklace I am wearing is a necklace from a charity and organization I am very involved with and happened to just start a branch at my University called Invisible Children. For my Birthday a couple of friends chipped in and bought this for me. All the money paid for this necklace goes to the women who make the necklaces in Uganda to help them get out of debt and allow for them to eventually get better jobs or education.

These boots were definitely not made for walking... Their almost 3 sizes too big for me, but one of my best friends gave them to me and I think they are adorable. They have been in her family for generations and I am honored that she wanted to give them to me, even though she gave them to me so I could go country dancing in (which I'd never done before until the other weekend... It was a great time)

Finally the ring I am wearing is my wedding ring. No, I am not married (in a secular way), but it is my wedding ring to my King, Jesus. Wearing this makes our relationship so much more real for me and serves as a reminder everyday to whom I serve and whom I should put before all things.

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  1. Even if they don't fit, those boots are awesome! :)

    Say x