Friday, April 20, 2012

And We Danced...

Hello all!

Sorry for the absence... It's still been crazy here and I've had some technical difficulties as well. Why can't I just live in "I Dream of Genie" and blink my eyes and get all my "To Do's" done in an instant.

Yesterday my University had a Block Party. It's like a big carnival with everyone outside walking around. There are vendors, snow cones, hamburgers, hot dogs, photobooths, and games. 

I am a sucker for carnivals. I always wished I lived next to Cony Island where I could go all the time. If there is cotton candy and BBQ there... I'm your girl.

The end of the night was topped off with a concert by KE$HA's (disclaimer: not a fan) former DJ. My friends and I had the best time dancing like crazy people in the street. There was a crazy light show, big confetti and balloons, crazy Micheal Jackson remixes and lots and lots of TECHNO. 

We were all dancing as if we were nuts, but it was so amazing. No one cared, no one was starring at us like we were crazy because everyone else was being themselves and just dancing. We were dancing with strangers, laughing with the people we see everyday but never talk to, and had this amazing bonding experience with the student body. 

This experience reminded me that being a free spirit is something to be treasured. Christ has set us free and there is a time for everything under the sun (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). Yesterday was a time to dance... So we danced.

More pics to come....

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