Monday, June 25, 2012

They Are A New Every Morning...


I'm glad it's Monday. Something about a new week just motivates me to accomplish something great.

I think each morning when I wake up... No matter how bad the day before was. I dwell on this verse:

"Because of the Lord's great love, we are not consumed;
for His compassions never fail.
They are a new every morning; 
Great is Your faithfulness"- Lamentations 3:22-23

How amazing is that... I let Satan's lies tell me that God is never pleased, but His truth are louder than Satan's lies.
Well I will update you all on my weekly goal. I definitely learned a lot from this journey of memorizing scripture, and the way to go about it and the way not to go about it. If you're not familiar with the goal of the week then click on this POST.

Anyways, I learned that as I was trying to memorize more of Hebrews 11, I was memorizing like it was for a test and not letting God write it on my heart. I wasn't really praying about it and just thought I could do it with my own strength. The verses are pretty long in themselves. 

I got all the way to Hebrews 11:1-4. I thought I had verse 3 memorize more, but I didn't, so I had to go back. Verse 4 was pretty long too. My goal was to get to verse 7, but now that I know what I know and because I'm not a quitter and I don't want to start a new goal until this one is completed, I am going to finish my goal and have through verse 7 memorized this next week.

If you're doing 1 goal a week with me, then leave a comment below and update me on how it's coming.
Here's a little weekend round of for you all. I'm wanting to give you all more outfit posts, but with this triple digit weather, I may get a heat stroke while taking photos (Not Cute)...

Chignon and a Red Lip... I wish I was looking out the window of a nice Parisian little cafe.

Shopping with my mom and a Good 'Ol Braums milk shake to keep us going!

I was shopping for a head board and suddenly my own head got a good idea. Big Clocks?? Hmmm. You'll have to wait and see!

Very much pondering this lamp. It's way over priced though. I'm still in love with my owl lamp (which is now officially mine by the way)

That faux finish is awful... But I like the shade and the little birdies!

I'm looking for fabrics to make some pillows for my bed with. I really love the one on the bottom. 
Very French Country. 

I'm loving my office. I threw professional out the window and opted for a Wonderland Office....

 Topped off with a Cotton Candy Candle and custom Alice In Wonderland Mouse Pad made in Israel.

You know you're addicted to Starbucks when you start matching with your Starbucks...

I finally made my Moss Terrarium! 

Completed with Hello Kitty and Friends :)

Found the perfect vanity tray for some lovely jewelry, soft nail polishes, and a spritz of Chanel.

Finally found a frame for my Dream List!

Nail Fruits anyone? Booshi, yes... But I LOVE them!

Finally seperated my Face brushes from my Eye Brushes. This little vase is from IKEA for $3. So cute!

Long... Long.. Long.... Jumpers with Brown Platforms for work.

Whoever said you can't put brown and black together has ZERO style. 
Don't listen to rules and trends, wear what you like.

I love soft chandelier earrings. They aren't too loud where they take away from your face but they give you just enough accessory to complete the outfit.

Loving the NYX Eyeshadow Stick in purple. Brown Eye'd Girls... Purple and Green are your best friends...

At my job. 

Orange toes for summer.

Blogger Mail!

Lunch with girlfriends and the girliest restaurant known to man... La Madeleine. 

Top it off with these two Face Timing right next to each other... And that was my que to leave. lol.

What did your weekend consist of!?


  1. that food looks sooo good! and i jsut mgiht need to steal your idea of your dream list! i love it! that's so cute!

  2. Sooo I can only imagine what you plan to do with the clocks , but it goes with the Alice and Wonderland them so wellllll ! I'm excited to see what you do with it ! && you will teach me how to make a moss terrarium . The end .

    Oh , you and your mom look fierce .

    Be blessed .

    Natalie the nappy nippler