Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Southern Rehearsal Dinner

So all of you remember the fabulous wedding shower that I posted about a month ago here.

Well a couple of weeks ago was the rehearsal dinner and the bride liked the pictures I did from her shower so much, she asked if I could take photos at the rehearsal dinner.

It was really chill and casual. They served La Hacienda, which is a pretty famous Mexican restaurant here in our city. The bridal party and parents made speeches. Most memorable speech of the night was definitely the grooms little brother's speech. He could barley hold it together as he spoke of his older brother who was his hero and role model. How the best memories of his life was just spending time with his brother. 
Tyler and Shannon are now married and had a beautiful wedding. 
I wish them joy and happiness for a lifetime.

Simple but elegant and southern center pieces.

 Family of the bride

How innocent and precious are these smiles!

Yummy bite sized cheesecakes!

The platter that your mouth loves but your arteries hate. 

Reflection in a mirror of the family.

Chips for days.... 

The groom fixated on his bride.

The bride handing out gifts.

It's a hair flip! I love everyone's faces in this photo.

Let the speeches begin.

The father of the bride. (Sorry for the super grainy and kind of blurry. The lighting in there was not the best)

Little brother

My favorite pic! Shannon hugging her little brother in law while he's still shedding a tear. So sweet.

That creepy man with a mustache kept making appearances in each picture. 

Baby sister and maid of honor.

Sister hug's are the best hugs.

My sister, shannon's best friend, and co-maid of honor making her speech.

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