Monday, August 6, 2012

Let's Get Real

You know when things can just get so bad that you try and avoid the things you know you need to do to make it right... Or Satan lies to you to make you believe it's so bad when it's really as easy as turning back to God and not letting fear and guilt consume you... Well that's what happened last week.

That why I didn't post last week.
That's why I didn't even crack open my book to study at all last week. When my goal was a measly 5 hours.
That's why I avoided God.
That's why I avoided my Bible.... When all I wanted to do was to open it but I felt God just couldn't even look at me.

Then yesterday (Sunday), right after the message, a sister came up to me and asked me how I was doing... And I am honest, if I'm not doing well, I'm open because I know by not being open, that's the worst thing I can do for myself. As soon as I was sharing my heart and this sister just totally related and was going through messy stuff herself. After just a few minutes of talking she asked me if I wanted to go pray.

I was going to go home after church and just hash it out with God on my knees until I felt resolved, but I was so glad that she had asked me to pray.

We went into a dark and quiet room, sat on the floor hand in hand and decided we were going to pray for each other only. So I prayed for her and she prayed for me. I had never done that before, and if you haven't, I most definitely suggest you do so. Not only does it help you to be outwardly focused, but it's sooooo encouraging to hear all the things she remembered from even past struggles, names of specific people I had been praying about that she remembered, her thanking God for me and for who He made me to be... It almost brought me to tears. I knew God was just sitting next to us hearing it all. 

"Wherever two or more gather in my name I am with them"- Matthew 18:20

I came home and listened to two sermons for my time with God... Much need after trying to avoid. Getting back into truth always drowns out the lies. I really was inspired and convicted about a certain lesson from fellow blogger on the left. I will post the link to the lesson below. It's a short lesson which would be really great to listen to with your time with God today.

Thank you all for being patient. I have lots of stories and pictures to share for the rest of the week's post.

Because I did not complete my goal at all last week I want to finish it this week. Since the last day of my class is on Thursday night I will definitely be studying more than one hour a day until Thursday, but I will be studying every day until Thursday night. 

Once you click on the link, click the first link you see that says Susan Borland.

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  1. Ah! I am like going through loneliness. I am not sure quite what you are talking about, but, I really need a sister that lives around here. And when I skip my Bible, it's like what is going on... i talk about my week in my blogpost I posted yesterday.. but thank goodness I went to see my family yesterday. Needed that time with my auntie!