Monday, August 13, 2012

A Letter To People Of My Past

If you have ever encountered me before April 21st, 2011 this is for you...A letter to people of my past... To those who met me once and never met me again... To those who encountered me either just for a small amount of time or many years... I have something to say.

I want to say I'm sorry. From the bottom of my heart. I am sorry if I ever hurt you, deceived you, lied to you, judged you, made you cry, made you sin, embarrassed you, threatened you, physically harmed you, was jealous of you, envied you, made fun of you, caused you to stumble, caused you to see anything else but Jesus.

I was dead in my sin then. I always put myself before others. I did not realized how much my words and actions really affected people. Not the way I do now. Not only because I hurt you, but more because I did this:

I am now buried with Christ and I am dead to my old self.

Becoming a disciple does not mean that I will never sin again. I would be a liar (and the Scriptures confirm that) if I said I had no sin. I take responsibility for it now, I understand the penalty of sin, and I understand (as much as I can) of how much it hurts God. Which is why I do my best to fixate my eyes on Him. If you read this and don't believe other's can change, I am sorry that you still have bitterness inside, but I can only tell you that I understand because I was once there with other people. If you want to see for yourself, come and talk with me, message me, or if I see you and say "Hi" ask me about it. But if you don't want to give me that chance, then I ask of you not to judge me. Don't hold onto the past. I want nothing more for you to thrive and to have found what I have found. Pure love and grace.